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Dockers has invested time and resources to help us create futures without violence. Below are some additional ways in which Dockers has supported the RESPECT! Campaign and increased awareness about the critical role we all play in promoting mutually respectful relationships.

Employee Engagement

In 2011, Dockers kicked off their first Month of RESPECT! with employees by:



Featured a Virtual RESPECT! Pledge Wall within Dockers Facebook page.

In an effort to engage Dockers customers and fans in the RESPECT! Campaign, Dockers is featuring a "khaki skinned" RESPECT! Pledge wall on their Facebook page during the Month of RESPECT!, from Mother's Day to Father's Day. This virtual RESPECT! Pledge wall is a simple way for individuals to show their support for mutually respectful relationships. To show your support, sign the RESPECT! pledge today.


Public Awareness and Events

Developed a short documentary film featuring the RESPECT! Campaign. Funds generated by the RESPECT! Campaign provide critical funding for Futures Without Violence's violence prevention and education programs, such as Coaching Boys into Men. In this three minute PSA, underwritten and produced by Dockers as part of their "Wear the Pants" ad campaign, Futures Without Violence's Director of Public Communications, Brian O'Connor, discusses his journey from Madison Avenue to San Francisco, in pursuit of his passion to promote mutual respect in relationships by engaging men in a conversation about respect. In the film, Brian shares his personal story and conviction to become a resource for parents, teachers and coaches to talk about healthy relationships with young people.

The RESPECT! Campaign on Engaging Coaches

Produced RESPECT! branded T-shirts

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As a limited-run, Dockers created a commemorative RESPECT! t-shirt for students who participate in Futures Without Violence's "Coaching Boys Into Men" program at Mesa Verde High School in Citrus Heights, CA. Many of the young men who received this t-shirt participated in the making of the short film that Dockers underwrote and produced on behalf of the RESPECT! Campaign. The t-shirt design speaks to a new definition of what it means to be a real man.